Dron on patrol SB100

Commitment to the cleanliness of our waters

As a key pillar of their 5-year Sustainability Plan launched in 2021, MB92 Barcelona are committed to improving the water quality in and around the Barceloneta facilities.

Following successful trials, an agreement was reached with a local company, GPASeabots, to use their SB100 Cleaner to collect and clear material waste and hydrocarbons directly from the water surface. 

With a 30-litre capacity and capable of collecting an average of 10kg of waste in just 30 minutes, the SB100 supports other ongoing initiatives in place, such as a floating barrier to collect organic material following storm surges and a series of Seabins located around the facilities to actively collect waste from the water. 

The drone can be used manually by a trained operator or autonomously, and is equipped with the latest GPS and collision avoidance technology. Therefore, it can navigate in and around moored yachts and is ideally suited to the specific requirements of the shipyard environment. 

The shipyard’s intention is to use this system to not only extract material but also use the data collected to monitor, make upgrades together with GPASeabots and identify areas in which impact can continue to be reduced.

Autonomous robots for cleaning contaminants such as oil spills and microplastics.

SEABOTS is a company specializing in the development of marine robotics and unmanned surface vehicles (USV). Its activity focuses on facilitating the analysis, conservation, and restoration of the marine environment through the application of leading technologies.


MB 92, with more than 130 employees, is a world leader in the repair and maintenance sector for large yachts. The shipyard is considered the world leader in the superyacht repair industry.

Committed to sustainability, MB 92 has just activated a plan to neutralize 100% of the carbon emitted before 2050 and economically involve its clients in projects for the regeneration of underwater ecosystems.

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