1 neighborhood, 3 clubs

Club Natació Barcelona (CNB)

Bernat Picornell, alongside with a group of sixteen friends were the first people to set up the pioneer club on the 10thof November 1907: Club Natació Barcelona (CNB). Thanks to their efforts, the first water polo tournaments and championships began to be organised, and interest in this new sport progressively increased among fans and practitioners.

Club Natació Atlétic

Created in 1913 by a group of friends, the Atlético quickly began to stand out. In 1915 their first water polo team was created, in 1918 it inspired the first Catalan Swimming Championship in the port’s dock and was the co-founder of the Spanish Amateur Swimming Federation, and later on the Catalan Federation. In the twenties, the first port crossing is held. Among the best swimmers in the country, from the CN Atlético, called “the owner” of Spanish swimming it is Ramón Artigas who stands out.


Club Natació Barceloneta

In 1929 a group of workers of the Maquinista Terrestre and Marítima founded the Barceloneta Amateur Club. With a lot of illusion and will, they build their first social headquarters – a little wooden house on the beach. Barceloneta turns into a club with members from the neighbourhood and driven kids, who will become a reference in swimming and water polo, like Vicenç Olmos Ayza, winner of 4 crossings in the port.